EggnWorks エッグンワークス

With the Art.

EggnWorks is a platform for artists who have a hidden talent, and commercialize them, and bring them to the world.

Do not quench your imagination and inspiration.

EggnWorks began with these famous Van Gogh quotes. Anyone can present their own work to the world, anyone can easily take on challenges without high hurdles, if they have talent, regardless of name recognition, they can question the work itself, and by extension, anyone can participate in manufacturing. We aim to create a society in which it is possible to do so.

エッグネスト えっぐんネスト エッグんネスト エッグスネスト EggNest エッグンネクスト エッグネクスト TAG STATIONERY タグステイショナリー タグステーショナリー