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EggnWorks エッグンワークス 呉竹 くれ竹 kuretake

The former name of the company was Kuretake Seishodo. Headquartered in Nara City, the company is known for its Nara ink, calligraphy liquid, brushes, and inkstones. We also manufacture paper products such as pens, glue, and stationery.

In recent years, we have started scrapbooking, and we are also manufacturing craft and art supplies such as calligraphy and watercolor paints, and we are expanding our business widely overseas such as the United States and Western Europe.

“Kuretake” was originally a brand name for ink. Wataya, the founder of the company, was visiting schools around the country to sell ink, and when he visited Kumagaya Girls’ High School (at that time), the name of the school newspaper was “Kuretake”, and Wataya was impressed by this. was named from