EggnWorks Student Art Work Commercialization General Election / Entry

-The theme I put into this work is “freedom.” ・ We used a ruler in the background to symbolize infinity, as in white letters. Freedom means immeasurable. -In order to further express freedom, the motif of the American flag. The colors are red, white, yellow, blue and so on. ・ The content of this application is a cover of the note, so I felt it was perfect for the theme because I would write the note on a blank page myself. -I myself was drawn to the word “freedom”, and while I was creating freely, the United States came to mind first. Where we struggled was the color saturation and the location and number of stars. In particular, the number of stars is based on the flag as a motif, but I felt that there were as many as 50 and finished it with the original.

EggnWorks is a project to hold a design competition for the eggs of young designers and artists around the world, and after general voting on the website, to actually commercialize the work that attracted many votes. is. This is a great opportunity to bring your work to the world.

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