Privacy Policy

Consent matters (Notes on application and rules on rights)

● The entries will be used only for the purpose of posting on the product package, our website and official SNS. ● Specifications such as the binding method of the notebook to be commercialized may be changed slightly. ● Entries must be original and unpublished in Japan and overseas. (Those previously announced on campus are OK.) ●● Do not apply twice for other competitions. Alternatively, no other announcement will be made without the consent of the organizer. ● If an entry is awarded, all rights related to patents, designs, trademarks, and copyrights (including rights prescribed in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) of the entry in Japan and in all countries of the world Shall belong to the organizer. Applicants shall not exercise their moral rights with respect to the entry. The transfer of the rights will be covered by the prize money and products specified by the organizer. ● For works other than the award-winning works, all rights and responsibilities, such as intellectual property rights, belong to the applicant in principle. However, at the discretion of the organizer, if the exhibited work is to be displayed to the general public or a book・ Please note that it may be posted on pamphlets. ● The organizer does not take any responsibility even if a third party produces or sells the same or similar products based on the works exhibited in the public or published in books and pamphlets. ● Please be aware that patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, and copyrights may be restricted by exhibiting them to the general public or publishing them in books and pamphlets. ● When applying, please take measures such as protection of rights by yourself as necessary. ● If the submitted work is the same or very similar to the previously announced design, or if it violates the intellectual property rights of a third party (including infringement after application), it will be after the announcement of the award result Even the award may be canceled. ● In the screening process and in applying for various rights in commercialization, we may ask the applicants about the submitted works. ● If it is necessary to negotiate anything other than those described in the offer, it will be decided by the organizer. Applicants can withdraw their application if they disagree with the details, but will not be responsible for any costs involved in applying. ● After receiving the work, the organizer will pay close attention to the management and transportation of the submitted work, but will not take any responsibility for damage or loss due to natural disasters or other accidents. ● Entries will not be returned. ● Rights related to exhibition / presentation and the method are reserved by the organizer. ● Products to be commercialized may be partially modified as needed for commercialization. ● The applicant’s personal information will be used for administrative communications, sending out materials, etc., notifying of related events, and statistical processing. Your name, school, classroom name, and department will be listed on the product package. ● The deadline for application must arrive on May 11, 2020. ● It is not possible to confirm the arrival of the submitted material. If necessary, please use a special record mail or apply directly from the web form. ● For minors, parental consent is required. If you agree, please check below. ● Please note that names, school / classroom names, and award-winning works may be posted on media (TV, magazines, online, product packages, etc.).