Details for application

[Commercialization category] Notebook (what notebook Will it be?)
The award-winning work will be printed on the entire front cover of the bookbinding notebook with a nice high-quality binding.
[Applications] Cover design
(128 x 182 mm front and back total 2 designs)
[Theme] Free
[Result reward] After your artwork is commercialized, 5% of the sales amount of the product will be paid to the artist as a result reward. Sales are calculated at the end of every month. (Example) If the monthly sales amount is 50,000 yen, We pay 2500 yen to the artist. We will ask the artist for the bank account in advance.
[Genres] Portraits, landscapes, illustrations, CG, manga, typography, and other genres are OK.

[Organizer] Tag Stationary EggnWorks Executive Committee
[Application period] Scheduled to start in October 30 2020~ Until March 31, 2021 (Wednesday) 18:00 JST
[Reservation acceptance period] Scheduled to start in October 30 2020-March 31, 2021 18:00 JST
[Participation qualification] Any professional or amateur who draws art/pictures
[size] B6 size (128 x 182 mm) table A total of 2 designs on the back and the back. Larger sizes are OK as long as the ratio can be adjusted. We will reduce it to B6. In addition, if it is difficult to match the ratio, we will consult with the clipping after application.
[Application method] You can apply by two ways.
1.Install the smartphone app “eggnworks” , and register as an artist.
2. Submit your work on below form.
Application form
Invitation code is needed for application. The code is included in EggnWorks product.


[How to be chosen] Once you upload your work with the EggnWorks app, anyone can view and pre-order on EggnWorks app and website. If you book 30 books for your work, it will be 100% commercial.

EggnWorks website

[development table] As soon as commercialization is decided, artists will be notified individually by email or direct message on SNS.
*The winner will transfer the copyright of the selected work to the organizer.

Commercialization after result announcement

After the result is announced, it will be commercialized.
We will produce a thread binding notebook at our partner factory, use the work as a cover design, and commercialize it under the EggnWorks brand name.

■Note size: B6
■ Binding method: Overlock binding
■ Cover: Selected by work

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