Notebook cover design

[EggnWorks] Call for entries TypeB

After the artist registration on the EggnWorks app and posting your artworks,
it will be 100% commercialized if you get 50 pre-orders.

Your artwork will be printed to the entire cover of the notebook.

*The app will be released on “Google play” and “App store” around the beginning of October.


There are two types of eggnworks application: “artist registration” and “general user registration”.

Details of artist registration

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For you who want to commercialize your work
Registration for artist
Registration for artist

You can apply by two ways.
1.Install the smartphone app "eggnworks" , and register as an artist.
2. Submit your work on below forms.
For ballpoint pen | For notebook
Invitation code is needed for application. The code is included in EggnWorks product
Eleven works have already been decided to be commercialized at the last public offering event and will be released in 30 October 2020. We are currently accepting pre-orders.

Submit your artwork

Once you've registered as an artist, post your work and let everyone see it. Let's keep exchanges between artists. Discover artists with a good feeling.

Receive support/reservation

Accepting pre-orders while interacting about the work. (Commercialization is decided when 50 books are reserved for one work)

Product commercialization

100% commercialized when 50 books reservation support gathered. After release, people other than those who have made reservations can also purchase at online shops and stores.