Details for application

Anyone who is a professional or amateur can draw art and drawings.

[Product to be commercialized] Ballpoint pen

[Application] Character design, character name, character concept/setting, pen body Overall design using characters to print

[Theme] Free

[Performance Reward] If the work is commercialized, 5% of the sales amount of the product of the work will be paid to the artist as a performance reward. Sales are totaled at the end of every month. (Example) If the monthly sales amount is 60,000 yen, pay 3000 yen. We will ask you for the bank account in advance.

[Main Event] Tag Stationary EggnWorks Executive Committee
[Application Period] Scheduled to start in early October 2020~ Until December 28, 2020 (Monday) 18:00 JST
[Reservation acceptance period] Scheduled to start in early October 2020-January 29, 2021 18:00 JST Until
[Participation Qualification] Anyone, professional or amateur, who draws art or painting
[Apply Method] Register an artist from EggnWorks’ smartphone app that will be distributed (scheduled) from early October 2020, and upload your work. (You can upload any number of works.)
*To register as an artist, you need the password enclosed in the EggnWorks products that will be released from early October 2020 (tentative).
*The application will be distributed from early October 2020 (planned).

[selection method] Once you upload your work with the EgnnWorks app, you can view and pre-order from the general public Will be. If more than 100 reservations are collected for your work, it will be 100% commercialized.

EggnWorks website

[development table] As soon as commercialization is decided, writers will be notified individually by email or direct message on SNS.
*The winner will transfer the copyright of the selected work (including the rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) to the organizer.

Commercialization after result announcement

After the result is announced, it will be commercialized.
We will produce it in our partner factory, use the work as a pen body design, and commercialize it under the EggnWorks brand name.

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