Nishijin textile textile brand


“Make Nishijin textiles shine again like stars I want to spread it so that it rains widely. ” It is a textile brand with the meaning. Various shapes of Nishijin fabric It is the core brand of the developing Linista Group. Mainly used for interior and fabric applications.


Nishijin Textile’s technology and roots open a participatory brand. We propose Nishijin woven fabrics that are familiar to everyday life and are close to modern life. The idea is to share the time and fortune with the motif of the color of the cake. A brand like never before. That is k-cs.

Nishijin Woven Dish

As a new form to pursue the possibilities of Nishijin Woven A brand that develops dough on plates as it is. Collaboration between glass and Nishijin fabric It also creates a higher level of value for dining tables and bars. In the future, it is a next-generation brand that connects to household goods.