The peace of the seasons in a space.

Japan has wonderful seasons such as the flowers of the four seasons and the yearbook.
We value the joy of each occasion and the healing we feel from nature every day.
We are committed to manufacturing that proposes such “joy”, “relaxation” and “healing” through dyeing.
We believe that it is important to convey the “real thing” to the future by using the traditional techniques that have been passed down and challenging and growing.
What we really think
Made with old-fashioned techniques
Safe and secure

Kyoto Rakukinan

We offer hemp goodwill, tapestry, and hemp accessories that express the four seasons of Japan, spring, summer, autumn and winter with colorful hand dyeing.
We offer items that let you enjoy the seasons more closely in your daily life.

Aori Maori

“Amaori was launched as a brand that handles hand-woven cloth (mainly hemp).
Enjoy the texture of handmade hemp, which is handmade one by one.

& asa.co

And Asaco is a fashion miscellaneous handmade brand for enjoying everyday life.
Introducing natural asaCorsage-Asa Corsage using various hemp.