Kyoto Kawabata

“Kyoto dyed stall” created by Kyoto

Use raw materials as they are.
Used as a natural dye

“New Manyo Dye”

Craftsmen who have lived in Kyoto, the city of Yuzen since ancient times, “Inherited wisdom” and “modern technology” Born by combining It is a new technique that creates the future of dyeing.

Kyoto Kawabata store The stall dyed with “Shinmanyo dyeing” It is kind to the skin and has a rich texture, It is dyed with rich colors.

What is Shin-Manyo-dyeing?

“Shin-Manyo-dyeing” is a technology that uses natural color materials that have been used since ancient times. Basically, it is a dyeing technique using natural materials such as plants and insects, which is the same as natural dye dyeing called “vegetation dyeing”, but by adding a newly developed technique, ancient colors can be made with a small amount of material. I succeeded in dyeing.