Code Co., Ltd. is a long-established Japanese paper processing manufacturer in Kyoto, about 70 years old. We manufacture a wide variety of processed Japanese paper products.

kami-mon is a brand newly established in Kyoto by a company specializing in the production and processing of Japanese paper. For the first product group of the kami-mon brand, Still Life, Square Mobile, Togalith, Bicorne, Washinomi, Kadoko, we have Shin Azumi, who is active internationally based in London, as the creative director. I asked for direction. The above product created by Mr. Azumi’s design direction was announced at Maison & Object in Paris and received a great deal of attention from overseas as well. The only products that Mr. Azumi and the following designers were involved in are Still Life, SquareMobile, Togalith, Bicorne, Washinomi and Kadoko). kami-mon will consider the new Japanese paper products that are accepted by modern life and beloved by users all over the world, and will send them out as original design products. Enjoy Japanese paper products from the ancient capital of Kyoto that have been reborn as products that blend into modern life.