About Isuke’s Lacquerware

“Lacquerware Isuke” is a lacquer and lacquerware specialty store founded in Kyoto during the Bunsei period.
At our shop, we continue to have a strong desire to use lacquerware in our daily lives, to feel its splendor, and to feel a little “happiness” with lacquerware. We propose lacquerware that is perfect for those who want to use or give gifts of traditional Japanese style.
We have summarized the concept and commitment to our lacquerware and the characteristics of the product.

Our store is an expert in lacquer and lacquer ware, originally founded in Kyoto as a lacquer dealer 180 years ago.
We make lacquerware based on a deep relationship of trust with the craftsmen we have cultivated so far, so even if it is reasonably priced, you can use it with confidence as a solid quality gift.
In addition, we have many achievements and experiences, such as being used as a famous restaurant in Kyoto and adopted as a novelty of a large company, so it is in a lot of lineups from a small gift to a dish on the day of Hare From here, you will surely be able to choose the lacquerware that is perfect for the recipient.