Cozy products

Expression company expresses and conveys a warm heartwarming “heart” by using stationery such as letters, postcards, cards, stickers, pocket bags, and incense.

Now that speedy and rational communication such as e-mails and mobile phones has been developed and spread, it seems very important to spend time and effort to convey a warm and warm message.

We aim to create products that can respond to such thoughts by utilizing the technology and sensibilities cultivated in Kyoto, a city of tradition and innovation.

Kyoto’s Japanese stationery maker “Expressionsha”, established in 1948, launched cozyca products as an in-house brand in 2013. We hope that more people will enjoy the writer’s design, and that we can help the writer’s activities as much as possible, and hopefully become the hope of young people who are aspiring to be the writer, collaborating with a young female writer. It started as a brand to announce stationary and miscellaneous goods.

Immediately after the launch of cozyca products was decided, I met Subikiawa. by chance on my way home, and I think that was a big turning point.

Initially, only female authors were available, but with the new product in autumn 2015, we were able to announce the product of Junichi Nakahara, the first male author. Dr. Junichi Nakahara is a man, but he also worked as a special position. When Nakahara-sensei’s products were completed, I started thinking that it would not be necessary for women writers to collaborate. I want to make wonderful products regardless of gender. I want to move forward without being caught up in stereotypes. And thank you for many good encounters.