EggnCraftWorks guidelines

Create a society where everyone can participate in manufacturing and solve problems.

EggnCraftWorks is the project to match traditional craftsmen in Japan with product designers from all over the world, and develop together new products for new generation. Why don’t you invent your ideas based on Kyoto’s traditional craft techniques to create a new product?

Product Idea Application Guidelines

The best product ideas will be developed by product designers and craftsmen, and then post on crowdfunding, and if the funds exceeded the enough level, We figure that there is a demand, and it will be actually released as a product.

[Organizer] TAG STATIONERY EggnCraftWorks Committee
[Application] Apply from here
You can actually make a prototype (image is acceptable). It is also possible to send us prototype photos and rough sketches by e-mail. (You can apply only the text)
[How to choose the best ones] The result of review of EggnCraftWorks Committee

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