Harmony between tradition and modernity

While looking at the bright red vermilion triple tower of Kiyomizu-dera from the branch point in the middle of Gojo-zaka, this slope leading to the temple is called “Chawanzaka” and is said to be the birthplace of Kyoto and Shimizu-yaki. Since ancient times, it is a quiet town where various potters and various potters live. We named Togoro in the name of this place. In such a blessed environment, we leave the Japanese people with the naiveness, correctness of folds, self-restrained expressions, and such deep taste, while adapting to a new lifestyle “fashionable enjoyment of Japanese style”. With the keyword “,” we would like to select sophisticated products and communicate the goodness of ware to people all over the world. It is an era in which we seek peace of mind by meeting people and interacting with things. We propose the abundance of heart and charm to beauty in “harmonizing tradition and modernity” through the planning and sales of Japanese ware, which is a proud culture of Japan and symbol of peace. I will go.

Togoro is named after this place name, and this slope leading from Gojozaka to Kiyomizu-dera is commonly called “Chawanzaka” and is said to be the birthplace of Kyoto and Shimizu-yaki.

About Kyo ware and Shimizu ware

It is one of Kyoto’s representative traditional crafts, and it started when I used to refer to the pottery that was originally roasted at the kiln of Kiyomizu-zaka neighborhood that heads to Kiyomizu-dera.